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Is Wagmo pet insurance?

No. Wagmo works *kind of* like insurance, but for your routine pet spending. We don’t cover things like emergency vet procedures (yet!), but will reimburse you for preventative care like wellness exams and vaccinations – things you don’t typically get coverage for under pet insurance.

Can I go to my usual vet / groomer?

Please do! Wagmo will reimburse you for any provider you use. Just make sure to let us know who your preferred providers are and always get itemized receipts after your service.

How do I get my reimbursement?

You just need to take a picture of an itemized receipt from your service provider (vet / groomer / doggy dentist) and send it to claims@wagmo.io. Make sure the receipt has the company’s info and the services rendered. We’ll verify the receipt immediately and send over a payment via Venmo / PayPal / wire transfer.

How is Wagmo so affordable?

We are doing two things to keep our prices low. First, we have partnerships with some of our favorite providers that offer our customers discounted services. Also, we use the data from our Wagmo wellness plans (totally anonymized) to help vets and insurance companies save money on emergency procedures.

Our mission


what wagmo is all about

What we offer

A monthly wellness plan that will reimburse Wagmo members for routine care services that keep dogs healthy and happy. You can visit our favorite providers, or use your own!

Why we do it

We think all doggos should have access to basic health care, and we know it's a pain to locate, schedule, and track services like vaccinations, grooming appointment, and preventative meds.  Plus, pet insurance today kinda stinks, so we figured we'd try a new approach to keeping dogs healthy.

how we do it

We're offering super affordable coverage with the long-term goal of building out the perfect pet wellness plan that offers customers the most value for their money.

To help us keep our costs down, we've partnered with some awesome and pre-vetted (pun intended) service providers that we know you'll love. When you join Wagmo, we'll have you fill out a basic user / dog profile that will help us recommend the best options in your area.